Camera for girls, consideration of appearance and right tech on the inside

"It is said that the inner side between boys and girls is very different, even the motivation behind the purchase of a camera may be a very big difference. This article particularly shares the points where girls choose for a camera, whether you emphasise on appearance or internal tech. You can follow this article to find out which camera models have a nice appearance and good lens~"
Today we are giving some tips when choosing a camera, helping everyone to get their ideal ones. It is said that love is irresistible, but when choosing men, you will still have your own scoring sheet right? Appearance, career, manners, family, and others. Is it the same concept when choosing a camera, the field of work is equivalent to the focal length of the lens. The person's manners are equivalent to the camera's photosensitive element. His family is the brand of the camera. It seems to start to become complicated...? Don't worry, here's are the picking tips! Appearance Do you like young muscular boys? Everyone loves it. Bring him to have an afternoon tea with your besties makes you feel dignified. If you are well-dressed in the usual days, then the selection of the camera should pay attention to the appearance of the design whether it is in line with your dressing habits.

Above figure: OLYMPUS PEN-F is a MILC, which has lots of filter modes, which is very suitable for daily shooting, provides you a “atmospheric” picture. However, the long exposure and night view of PEN-F is a weakness, and it creates noises! So people who want to visit Sydney or Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour night scenes are not suitable with this. Some of the camera’s design is hipster style, some with bright colors, there is also with a retro metal casing.

Above figure: Fuji X100 with a leather case with cookie lens (lens which is thin is called cookie lens), large aperture, retro in appearance. (Photo credit: Casey Stinnett) The appearance of the camera is not considered by anyone else, but yourself. Of course, if you value inner beauty over appearance, you can ignore this point.

Above figure: Leica M6, classic film camera. Leica is one of the classic brand. Most of the "retro appearances" camera are copies of Leica's design, but Leica is not cheap! ! If someone is seen on the road with Leica, this means that if he is not rich, then his dad is rich tho!
Above figure: Nikon F3, is also a classic film camera. And these Nikon film machines which is manufactured in the 1980s were actually comparable to Leica. In spite of this, the imaging quality of the lens... Leica lens is still beyond the reach of Nikon. Nowadays, digital camera is classified as DSLR, MILC , SLR-like. This is a bit complicated to explain, the price gap is also very large. It is completely two things with the appearance... so I will specifically introduce it, to ensure that everyone can choose the right camera for you! Join my fan page and follow the latest daily articles about photography! (Click here: MagicJulie.TW) Lens Just said that Leica's lens is better than Nikon's. In fact, choosing the camera also needs to consider the camera manufacturer's lens quality. Leica and Zeiss are the two most famous lens manufacturers, but I prefer Leica's lens because of its natural colour and rich colour details. However, Leica and Zeiss are both excellent products in the camera industry which are also relatively expensive. Therefore, Nikon and Canon are also a better choice, which their price is more reachable. I recommend Nikon more because it has a more durable lens!

Above figure: Nikon’s lens, this lens is old! The lens which is manufactured in 1981, which still works. Note that, not every camera's body can be adapted with other manufacture lenses, so consider it together! However, there are exceptions, such as the Sony A7 series of camera. It is the legendary MILC which is capable with any lens, even the Leica lens! (I myself use this ~)
Above figure: Sony NEX-7, MILC without a reflective mirror, but still can interchange lens, therefore everyone can see through the photosensitive element.
Above figure: Sony A7R is an “all purpose camera”, which I have been using for two years, not big in size, but with a good shooting effect lens. Suitable to adapt with other manufacture lenses, and it is even very capable with Leica lens~ ( However, in general, after the adaption of other brand cameras, the camera will not be able to automatically focus. Think wisely!) If you don't care about the brands of the lens, there is nothing wrong with it! When choosing lens, just pay attention to "focal length”!
Above figure: They are two lenses with different focal lengths, the left is made by Nikon and the right is made by Leica. In terms of appearance, the texture is really different, right? No wonder Leica is much more expensive! Lens has different “focal length”, the larger the value, the further it is able to capture. It functions as the telescope ratio, which is able to pull the far object nearer. Different “focal length” can be used in the different scene. You are not far to success but choosing the suitable focal length of the lens! If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:)