Let the camera maker take you to know about memory card!

"Although the small camera memory card is inexpensive, it’s a very important part of camera, the most feared that memory card is damaged in halfway of use. This article shares Canon’s official memory card basic introduction video, which allows photographers to use the concept of a memory card and use it more correctly. "
This is Canon USA's proposal for beginner photographers. The main purpose of the series is to allow newcomers to reduce the seek for help and to use the hands-on equipment. Here are some suggestions for the use of memory cards, which is worth a look:

These are suggestions for beginner photographers. They are very basic concepts, but sometimes we will ignore them: 1) Note whether the camera supports the memory card because even if it is an SD card, there is also a difference in capacity and transfer speed, and the capability with the camera. 2) Make use of formatting a memory card using a camera, especially after the use of other cameras. 3) Backup before formatting, in the speak of, ALWAYS backup your images. 4) Pay attention to the direction of the memory card while inserting. Don't force it when it couldn't fit in, or it will break the parts. 5) Storing memory card in a protective case and avoid in contact of water, dust, magnetism, and high heat. If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:)