Jabba's sail barge booklet overview

Hasbro's HasLab Sail Barge Behind The Workbench booklets have been arriving on North American doorsteps for the past few weeks. If you've pre-ordered the Sail Barge directly from HasLab, you’ll be getting this 62 pages booklet which gives us a detailed look into the creation of the Sail Barge including expert insights by Mark Boudreaux. The 1980 concept phase at Lucasfilm, Sail Barge concepts by Ralph McQuarrie and the model design which was used in Return Of The Jedi. In addition, it features a look at how Hasbro built the Barge, including the dimensions and 3D renderings. Personally, I do wish the booklet itself comes in Hardcover due to the amount of money that we’ve paid for. But I am one of the lucky ones that the mailer box arrived safely. As for the Sail Barge, the release day is sometime next year in February; therefore, for now, all we can hope for is that Hasbro would actually deliver and does a good job on it. If you like this video then you can subscribe the author's channal!
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