Share the real appearance of iPhone~

“Can you imagine how does the iPhone which is famous with its stylish exterior looks like while in the development stage before it goes on the market? This article shares the prototype used in the development of the iPhone, with the size of the iPad, and clearly visible circuit boards at the bottom, iPhone fans who are interested, come together to see the earliest predecessor of this iPhone ~”
In the past, a series of iPhone/iPad test models were released in Apple and Samsung lawsuits, let us know the original form of many iOS devices. However, the latest iPhone prototypes announced today are very different from the previous. A former Apple employee published a series of photos showing a very early iPhone development prototype. This device was produced in 2005 as a test as iOS interface. Its huge screen is 8.6 inches, the circuit board is fully exposed, and there are a series of traditional computer slots. Right now seems of course huge and inconvenient, but the former Apple employee said that running OS X on this device was extremely satisfying. Two years after the prototype, the first iPhone with 3.5 inches was released, so it was amazing to think about it.