Unable to appear photogenic? Small changes in angles will allow you to look good in photos too.

"We all know that there are special skills in positioning products for commercial photography, so of course there are also optimal poses for models during portrait photography. Not only can a good pose refine your proportions, it can also make you look more confident. This article shares the six poses suggestions for portrait photography by Jodee Ball, a photographer from Ohio, providing everyone with a guide to practice posing in front of a mirror, in order to produce better photos in the future."
  Do you also want to shoot beautiful photos? As long as you get the angles right, everything else will come naturally. American photographer Jodee Ball from Ohio gave six suggestions regarding posing, let’s explore the secrets of angles together! 1. Find a pose where you can be the most relaxed 2. Twist your body so that it can be divided into three parts in the shot 3. Be aware of the poses of your hands 4. Lower your shoulders 5. Bend your knees 6. Slightly tilt your head From the above six tips, it is obvious that it’s better for posing if your body is more relaxed and slightly tilted instead of being stiff and tense. These may also be helpful tips for selfie-taking, so those who are interested can feel free to attempt at them.  If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:)

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