Let's see Microsoft Windows 10's 3 upcoming features in 2018 fall!

"Microsoft is expected to provide Windows 10 update files in about October this fall. There are three main highlights of this update. The more popular and anticipated one is the function of synchronizing mobile phones with computers, whether your handphone is ios or Android can be transferred to each other via PC. The other two features are the same dark mode as MacOS and the new Notepad feature."
Microsoft will provide large-scale updates for Windows every fall. This year, Windows 10 is expected to be provided with an update of the 1809 version in October, with 18 representing 2018 and 09 representing September. The new-coming version has been provided for internal testing, and the version of Windows 10 RedStone 5 has been published a few days ago with a version number Build 17741, which is estimated to be the large update in this fall.

3 new features of Windows 10

This internal test of Windows 10 RedStone 5 Build 17741 has been able to see three new features, including phone and computer data synchronization, the dark mode for night use, and new Notepad features. What is worth noting in this update is the seamless transfer between mobile phones and computers. Both Android and iOS files can be transferred to and from the PC. It can also be used with the timeline function that has been exposed before, letting you know what changes have been made to the computer within 30 days, such as changes in Word, Excel, or which pages have been viewed with the Edge browser. However, currently, the timeline functions will be mostly paired with Microsoft's own services only. If you want to apply to more third-party services, you have to wait.

▲ Add the "Your Phone" shortcut to the desktop, which allows you to quickly synchronize the data in your phone.

Night mode with updated notepad

The other two new features are not so eye-catching. The first is the night mode that is supported by many systems, including Mac OS. At night, the theme and status column will be switched to the dark mode. When you use your computer at night, you won't be uncomfortable because the brightness of the screen is too high. The last function is to improve the Notepad. It is expected to support text zoom, auto wrap display line. Perhaps this update would make more users to have the willingness to work on Notepad. In addition to these new features, large updates have also fixed many bugs and many minor updates. For example, the scrapbook has enlarged the storage capacity from 1MB to 4MB and added history as well.

▲ The new version 1809 is expected to be launched in October.

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