Toyota collaborates with Uber! Investing 500 million US dollars to develop self-driving cars

"After the termination of the self-driving truck project, Uber now has a new direction of development, that is, the development of self-driving vehicles. In order to bring the autonomous vehicle to life and application and combined it with the APP, Uber collaborates with Toyota to invest in the project. What kind of sparks will the cooperation between the two sides produce? Let us know the content of the cooperation and wait for the good news!"
  In addition to working with Toyota to develop self-driving cars, Uber has also invested in the development of flight taxis. Uber announced earlier that it will collaborate with Toyota. In the future, both parties will work together to develop autonomous vehicles, while Toyota will invest an additional US$500 million in Uber, and Uber will also assist Toyota in creating autonomous driving vehicles. Although it has announced the termination of the self-driving truck project, Uber continues to focus on the development of self-driving technology. This announcement is to work with Toyota to emphasize the further realization of auto-driving vehicles into real-life applications and to integrate with its App-called car service. The goal is to make self-driving technology a convenient technology for our daily life. In addition to continuing to invest in self-driving technology, Uber is also investing in innovative services to improve transportation issues, such as NASA, the US military, and Embraer, Pipistrel Aircraft, Aurora Flight Sciences, Karem, and Bell. The flight taxi service has come true, and in Japan, it has also cooperated with the local taxi operators and even plans to bring the flight taxi service to the Japanese market. Uber recently said that it will expand its Jump, free shared bicycles, in the United States and cooperate with the shared scooter to make more use of such feeders through the Uber service platform. Or connecting the mass transit tools has become easier.   If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:)

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