Apple Music is about to release Android APP to support Android Auto's in-car playback function!

"Apple Music is a music player that many people will use. In the future, Android Music can also use the Android APP version to listen to music! The new version of Apple Music will be able to support Android Auto's in-car playback, but there are still some not yet features in the launched service, such as the "For You" tab, and related support applications such as Google Assistant and Google Cast."
  Apple Music is one of the few apps that Apple made for the Android platform, and as the latest version is going to be released, it seems to be able to support Android Auto usage mode. It is easy to understand why Apple Music prepare to support Android Auto. From Apple's side, it is quite logical and reasonable to hope to attract more people using their product. Especially when it comes to Android mobile users who subscribe to Apple Music streaming music service tends to connect their mobile phone to a vehicle and use various services through the Android Auto interface, you will naturally want Apple Music to be used smoothly in this interface. However, from the Android Police website, the content found in the test version shows that the Apple music service that supports Android Auto is still not complete. For example, at this stage, the "For You" tab will not appear at the moment, and the operation function such as, The Google Assistant and the digital voice assistant service is not yet available, and users are not able to play Apple Music streaming music content to the specified device via Google Cast. The current Apple Music features on the Android platform are also different from the iOS version, such as the feature search that is expected to be added in iOS 12, the Friends Mix that shares the songs and mixes with friends, and the personal customized radio content. If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:)

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