Apple's Autumn product launch is coming! What's the most exciting?

"Apple's autumn new product release conference is finally coming! This time Apple may publish a variety of products at one time, which is quite exciting! According to Bloomberg News, Apple released three iPhones. In addition, you may also be able to publish products such as iPad, Macbook, etc. This autumn conference will be held at 10:00 am on 9/12 US time. Don't miss it if you like Apple!"
  Bloomberg News believes that Apple will release the new MacBook Air, and lock the entry requirements of the MacBook series, namely the education market and the general consumer market, while the new Mac mini will be updated for advanced user needs. Mash-Digi   Bloomberg News, which has repeatedly reported Apple's new news in the past, pointed out earlier that Apple is expected to announce content in the autumn new product conference, which will include three new mobile phones, three new watches, and two flat panels, as well as one. A notebook and a table machine product. As far as Bloomberg News is concerned, the three mobile phones are naturally divided into 5.8吋, 6.5吋 and another 6.1吋 new iPhone. The mainstream models will be 5.8吋 and 6.5吋, of which the name may be iPhone. Xs, and iPhone Xs Plus (or Pro), and the 6.1吋 version may be called iPhone Xc, and add more color options, and the new machine may also join the dual card dual standby design for the first time, but still can not Confirm that all models will be imported into this design or only for specific models. In the watch section, Apple is likely to continue the previously announced 38mm, 42mm specifications to announce the updated Apple Watch series 4, in addition, it is possible to announce the introduction of the higher resolution, larger display area, but the details still have to wait for Apple to announce Prevail. In the tablet section, an upgraded version of the 12.9 iPad Pro and a new 11-inch iPad Pro will be introduced to replace the previously introduced 10.5-inch model. It is also possible to import the Face ID function to allow users to recognize the face. The way to unlock, both will use a narrower border design. In addition, there was a previous message alleging that Apple plans to focus on new iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad Pro in the autumn new product presentation, so the rumoured new MacBook Air and the new Mac Mini may be selected separately in October, expected to cooperate. Intel's new processor update time is announced. However, according to Bloomberg News, these two products will be pre-released in the autumn conference, in which the new MacBook Air will lock the entry requirements of the entry-level MacBook series, and lock in the education market and the general consumer market, while the new Mac mini Updates will be made for advanced user needs. However, whether Apple will launch the above two products at this press conference is currently not confirmed. As for the AirPower wireless charging disk that can be used to charge two Apple devices at the same time last year, and the new AirPods that support wireless charging, it is expected to announce the specific time to market and the price at the press conference. If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:) Want to see more related articles? CLICK ME to enter the Chinese version website.