Apple Watch 4 has just released in yesterday's Apple product launch!

"How did you think the Apple product launch was this morning? This time Apple released Apple Watch 4 and 3 new iPhones. The new features and gorgeous shapes are really worthy of all Apple fans' expectations and patience! Although the price is a bit expensive, everyone who doesn't want to spend a lot of money can consider making a selection of the previous ones due to the big sale! Let's just quickly take a look at the features from Apple Watch 4."
  At the Apple product launch, the new Apple Watch 4 added an ECG function and a fall sensing mechanism.  

Through the watch, you can draw the user's daily life ECG

The new generation of Apple Watch Series 4 offers more choices in the interface than the previous generation, allowing you to place pictures of friends and family, choose calendars, stocks, time zones, and even live wallpapers. It also increases the volume by 50% and makes it clearer on the call. In addition, Apple emphasizes the emphasis on adding ECG functions. The scroll wheel on the Apple Watch can sense the user's heart rate. The user can draw the user's ECG on the watch and save it as a PDF file. It can be directly provided to doctors to share the heart rate status of daily life. ▲The surface can be used to put photos of friends and relatives and contact information. ▲The index finger touches the watch wheel to sense the user's heart rate. ▲ You can view the ECG status through the mobile app and save it as a PDF file.  

Added fall sensing and emergency contact notification

In addition, Apple said that it will increase the sensing speed by 2 times faster on the gyroscope and the acceleration sensor, so it can also perform the fall detection function and even judge the falling action and gesture. If there is a fall, a warning message will appear on the watch interface, and if it is not immediately released, the emergency contact number will be dialled directly. This feature is also a very important sensing function for the elders. ▲ Use dual-core 64-bit to boost the 2x speed sensor. ▲ can detect 3 fall actions.  

Divided into 2 sizes, 2 versions, 3 colours

The size does not become larger in appearance, but after designing with a very narrow bezel, the screen extends to 40mm and 44mm, so the strap of the Apple Watch 3 can also be shared. This time, there are three colours of space grey, gold and silver. There are two versions of the GPS version and the LTE version, the price is 399 US dollars and 499 US dollars. The power consumption has not changed much this time. It can be used for about 18 hours on a daily basis and 16 hours on a GPS. ▲The size of the screen is unchanged, and the screen is enlarged to 40mm and 44mm. ▲ divided into space gray, gold and silver three colors. If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:) Want to see more related articles? CLICK ME to enter the Chinese version website.