Facebook has developed the technology that uses AI to determine image content.


"The Facebook team has now developed new technologies that can use images to identify the ingredients of food! If this technology gets more and more stable, in the future,  artificial intelligence and deep learning of judging pictures will become more efficient and accurate. Facebook can apply this technology to achieve the purpose of eliminating bad graphics!"
Facebook's artificial intelligence research team FAIR said that it will be able to use the deep learning method to train the computer system to understand all kinds of food and recipe content. With this system, it can recognize a food image and immediately generate the corresponding recipe content. After successfully generating the recipe, it means that the computer system will be able to further judge the food may include the affected components and the related calories according to the result, so that the user can know more quickly whether the food to be eaten causes the burden on the body, or let the hope Those who know how to cook the food can learn according to the recipe. However, Facebook won't offer this technology now. The reason is that although the technology of identification the food image can approximately getting the full recipe out, the result of artificial intelligence learning may still be inaccurate. Also, this technology is mainly focused on how to train computer systems to learn and let the computer system know more about the real world. Allowing the computer system to correctly analyze the image content not only helps Facebook to be more efficient in content aggregation, but also more accurately pushes the appropriate content to the correct user. This will also affect the user's viewing and adhesion, as well as the efficiency of advertising content exposure. In addition, it can effectively eliminate the bad content and fake news spread through the image. Therefore, the application of artificial intelligence technology will be strengthened. Facebook will become an important development project for more and more users and more and more complicated content.