Wanna know how to figure out your friend’s iPhone pin? Let me tell you!

“Interested in hyping up a party? Then let’s sit down and learn a cell phone magic trick that will surely impress without requiring you practice hand skills! We have invited the magician that likes cell phone tricks Zheng-Long Zhang today to teach everyone how to use the calculator on an iPhone to break another person’s pin code.”
Zheng-Long: I’ve read an article before, and it says that between friends, two people should know each other well in order to develop deeper relationships, what do you think?   Ning-Yi: I think it is well said, that’s what good friends should do.   Zheng-Long: Then let me borrow your phone to test whether or not I know you well enough, shall we?   Ning-Yi: Oh? What are you going to do? Zheng-Long: Hmm, you’ve set a six-digit passcode. Alright, I’m going to break your password!   Ning-Yi: Im-po-ssi-ble, my password is known only to myself, I will never tell you what it is   Zheng-Long: Open the calculator app   Zheng-Long: And please enter a random sequence of numbers, it can be however long you want, and don’t let me see it!   Ning-Yi: Sure thing.   Zheng-Long: Multiply this number by your passcode and press enter! After you have the result, hand me the phone.   Ning-Yi: It’s done.   Zheng-Long: So what we have right now is this, you’ve multiplied two sets of numbers and got this long sequence of numbers. If I know you well enough, I should be able to deduce your password through this series of numbers…   Ning-Yi: That sounds insane, how can it be possible?   Zheng-Long: Yes! I know your password now!   Ning-Yi: Really!?   Zheng-Long: Let me show you how I’m going to unlock your phone! The first digit is 0, followed by a 2, 3…   Ning-Yi: Ah, you really did get it…   Zheng-Long: See, it’s unlocked!   Ning-Yi: You are just absolutely wicked >///<  
The trick unveiled
  The trick I will be sharing this time will have you break an iPhone passcode.   First, check and see if the phone is locked or not, and remember how many digits the pin contains.     Open the calculator app with the shortcut menu while the phone is still locked, and hand the phone back to the other person.     Ask the other person to enter a random series of numbers, and “multiply” that by their pin code, then press enter for the result.   Note: If you find that it is needlessly complicated to ask them to enter “any random series of numbers”, you could also give more direct instructions such as “multiply it by a three digit number” or “by a five digit number”.   Ask them to hand you the phone after completing these steps.   After receiving the phone, turn the phone screen towards the audience and contemplate for a bit before announcing with confidence: I have figured out your passcode!   The truth is, you actually still don’t know their passcode. But “misleading others, and tricking the audience into thinking that this is when you have broken the code” is very crucial to this trick! By doing so you can enhance the mystery of the magic trick, and drop the guard of the other, allowing you to get away with the secret moves that you are going to make in a second. Turn the phone screen back to yourself, and pretend to begin solving their passcode, but actually, what you’re going to do is to quickly press down 1 on the calculator followed by =, at this moment, the passcode the other person just typed into the calculator just now will be shown on the screen. Memorise that code, and remember to clear the calculator so no pieces of evidence are left behind. Lastly, go to the lock screen. While all your friends watch, solve the passcode one digit after the other, and watch everyone stare in awe. A small reminder: If you find that there are a few digits missing on the calculator display in the end (ex. The person has a 6 digit passcode but the calculator only shows 5 numbers), don’t panic. This only means that the code begins with a “0”. One digit missing means one 0, two digits missing means two 0s, vice versa.   Also, this trick is recommended to play between friends, don’t approach strangers with it. It is after all, not quite polite to randomly guess the passwords of strangers’ cell phones. If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:)