New Technology

The new "Music Sticker" that Facebook has allows you to watch and listen more vividly


How to charge your phone to maximize it’s battery life?


Here comes the simplified Facebook Messenger! A new dark mode is added!


Collections from Sony’s 70th Anniversary


AI evolves! It can do IQ exams now!


Facebook has developed the technology that uses AI to determine image content.

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Don't update your Windows 10 right now! Try the new version next Tuesday!


Google Maps' "Group Planning" provides the ability to decide where to vote online


Windows and Mac platforms are both available to Microsoft Office 2019!

Mash-Digi   "Microsoftconfirmedthatitwillreleasetheofficialversi

Alexa will be able to provide Skype Internet calling in the future!


Sony's cute smart robot dog Aibo is coming!


Facebook wants to stop Internet bullying by using Rosetta!


Apple's Autumn product launch is coming! What's the most exciting?


Microsoft Xbox One will soon can be able to voice control by Alexa and Cortana !


A more efficiency and safety Chrome is coming after it has been launched a decade.


Instagram is now planning to launched a new In-APP purchase function?!


Apple Music is about to release Android APP to support Android Auto's in-car playback function!