Sony's cute smart robot dog Aibo is coming!

"In this ageing and technological society, AI is getting more and more important. Therefore, more and more companies are endeavouring on developing AI robots. And now Sony's electronic dog Aibo is returning! Aibo's appearance is quite pleasing. Not only cute, but Aibo's biggest highlight is also still in the service he can provide ~ I believe you will not want to miss such a smart electronic dog robot!"
  In the new strategy for the future, AI is a very important part. One of the most important strategies is the excitement of many old Sonys. It is the new generation of electronic dog Aibo. The Aibo is not only smarter but more refined. It is more mobile, has OLED eyes that can present various expressions, and can continue to grow through the way of cloud AI learning, that is, the closer the interaction with Aibo, Aibo will be more familiar with the owner's habits. At the same time, Aibo will not only interact with the owner but when the owner is not around, he will play like a real puppy and interact with the toy. When he sees the owner calling him, he will also happily run to the owner and also use it. Voice and Aibo handshake, high-five, you can also touch Aibo, Aibo will also close your eyes very comfortable, and Aibo can move for about 2 hours at a time when the battery is low, you will return to the charging stand to charge. It is a pity that because Aibo needs to be equipped with a payment-type cloud service system, it is currently only available in Japan, and it is expected to provide services in the US and Europe. Malaysian consumers cannot buy cute new Aibo in the short term. After all, the cloud service behind it needs to be equipped with the server to provide training and additional functions, as well as language problems. For example, Aibo displayed at Sony headquarters today can only receive Japanese voice. If you are interested in our articles, you can also LIKE our page:) Want to see more related articles? CLICK ME to enter the Chinese version website.