30 funny and wierd photos that had been post on Google Street View

"I believe everyone has seen the interesting streetscapes of news or hot search because they were photographed by Google Street View. Some of the protagonists in the photos are unintentionally photographed, while others are interesting because they are in front of the street view. There are some gestures that make people laugh. Let's see!"
  Everyone should be very careful when shopping, be careful to hit the Google Street View car at any time! If you don't pay attention, you may find yourself suddenly becoming famous and become the "landmark" of the place. Some of the photos below are classics of Google Street View. Have you seen those pictures before?

Ah... I can't believe they are having sex in... in the public?

Well, I believe this is a girl who is looking for the car key!

Digging booger

Naked man in the trunk

Walking an alpaca...?

A child trying hard to ...?

The mystery men in the desert?

Public toilet!

This man with an inflatable doll

a man pissing toward the car

Can't understand what the lady is doing ... warming-up?

The girl was laughing at her classmate at the moment of falling.

The weather seemed wonderful ...

The moment of being caught

a man who puts his foot out of the window

The man is facing the world with his ... um you know it

It’s good to read the newspaper in the early morning, but this...

Girl on a ride

It seems that their car is driving very fast...

Drunk man at the rear of the car?

A dog got stuck

It’s a bit scary to be stared by a dog like this

Fire car and bystander

Did you really got your clothes well-dressed ...?

We are old, but we can drive too! Driving bikes...

A car stuck in the ground

Young children robbing a man

Friendly reindeer

Baby before Gucci

Google employees when cleaning up the photographic camera of the Street View car

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