The reasons why dogs love to play throwing ball game?

"A foreigner has invented an "automatic ball thrower". The machine replaces the owner to accompany the dog. It gives a new hope to the owner who has no time or just to be lazy. This invention allows owners to rest well, the dog on the other hand also have fun. Maybe someone will be confused, if the owner does not play with him, can the dog still have fun? After watching the following videos, you will find that we are over concerned! At the same time, this article will also take you to discuss why do dogs like to play the throwing ball game? "
Why can't dogs resist the throwing ball game? The scientific community is still uncertain about the reasons, but reached consensus on two reasons: 1. Because of poor eyesight, nature gives excellent peripheral vision as compensation, so the dog's line of sight is much larger than people. The wolf can also detect the surrounding environment when it is still. The wolf can immediately find fast-moving objects. This instinct is also why dogs can't resist the game. 2. The wolf belongs to a group of animals. After catching the prey, it will be brought back to enjoy with other members. Throwing the ball also stimulates the deep instinctive reaction of the dog, so the dog goes after the ball and the things it catches are brought back to share with you. In addition to the evolutionary perspective, this seems to be a simple game that consumes dog energy. In fact, it hides a very important meaning! When you throw the toy and let the dog pick it back to you. Some dogs will come back and some will not. This process is actually an instruction training. If your dog doesn't listen to the order and comes back, it will be a headache problem! The game can let your dog understand the "return" order; if the dog learns and gets used to the order, the owner can effectively control them when they accidentally break the rope or quarrel with other dogs, which can reduce accidents. Although this order seems simple, if the dog and the owner do not establish enough trust, the dog will not listen! The most important thing for the dogs to learn to "return" order is to make them feel happy and happy about doing this. When the toy is successfully picked, the dog will be praised. When the owner calls it to play games together or calls its name, the dog will be praised and touched. As long as the owner really puts emotions and interacts with the dogs, they can feel it! Through frequent physical contact and interaction, the dog can be more accepted for the owner's instructions! When teaching dogs to learn orders, it is recommended not to use temptation or coercion, please establish a positive trust relationship with the dog! In this way, you will find that when you call it, the dog is happy to pounce on you!